Black Sicilly Shoes

Rp 499.000

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A sandal with such uber-thin floss-like straps, they look like they could cut like a blade – strictly a metaphor (Writer's note: As someone that has been wearing her pair of Sicilly Sandals consecutively all summer, I can attest that they are in fact, very comfortable). Insert heart eyes emoji here – we're completely floored.

- Faux leather
- Fit true to size

Size Guide:

36: 23.5 cm Heels: 5.5 cm
37: 24 cm Heels: 5.5 cm
38: 25 cm Heels: 5.5 cm
39: 25.5 cm Heels: 5.5 cm
40: 26.5 cm Heels: 5.5 cm


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